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 Very poor sale staff, 03-09-2018 02:22PM

By: Far

I wish there could be a rating less than 1 star, I would have certainly gone for that.I visited the Pierre Cardin outlet in Deira city centre Dubai.After selecting a top,while i was holding it ,my little one (2 years old) took it from me,The sales lady Feroza came from a corner ,snatching that shirt from the baby she kept it back on the hanger. I was totally surprised by this act and I went to complain .She saw me and said "best of luck".
I will NEVER enter such a bad place again.

 Dr, 03-01-2018 11:03PM

By: Hasnain

Not original pierre cardin. It is scam. I bought sweaters. One get teard off and rest i throw away because of poor quality.
It is shame that such a big brand is giving its name to poorest quality making shop.

 Refusal to give me bill and quality problem in trolley bag, 02-18-2018 09:59AM

By: Sangi

I purchased trolley bag from IBN battuta mall Dubai in Nov 2017, in a week the handle tore off ,we took it bag and it took them two months to fix this problem , I purchased the bag on credit not,they refused to give me a bill on credit note , ever since
I purchased the bag it has been with me ONLY FOR ONE WEEK AND IT IS SITTING WITH STAFF OF THE STORE, who are rude , don't know how to solve any problem. The Area manager we
Called for help and he too was extremely rude and refused to solve a simple problem like a bill, I am not sure of the quality of their bags, in one week the leather tears apart and on top of that rude behaviour by manager and area manager.
Such a big brand and so unprofessional! I am shocked.
This gives a very bad name to the brand . Surely rude managers and quality problems will ruin the brand one day. It should be addressed and sorted. I buy all my suits from there,but, the staff and quality issues are making me switch to other brands, this is how companies get wiped out. Wake up !!

 Worst experience from staff of PC in Mall of Emirates, 12-15-2015 07:36PM

By: Adinath Lakare

Yesterday in the evening I visit Pierre Cardin outlet located in mall of the Emirates ground floor. When I enter in the outlet nobody paid attention that I am looking for help to find the shirts. When I approach to one of sales person believe to be a Philipines national sales for my requirements, he simply pointed by finger where I can find the shirts. After I searching and found one shirt which was not in my required size.For the assistant agian I went to one of other sales person believe to be Arebic speaker and national he just given me one piece of shirt and left away. At the end somehow I managed to find the shirt which was required to change the cufflinks , hence again I try to search for cufflinks I found other shirt which was carrying such cufflinks which was my choice henceforth I try to switch it to my required size shirt by then one another sales person who is with long hair pony tail stood in front of me asked me what I need with very roude manner which I felt very disappointed and he simply taken shirt from me and changed back the cufflinks and simply left away. Hence I again went back area from where I had picked up the shirt. By then I met another sales person name is believed to be Mr. Shiraz I approached to him and while explaining the situation to Mr.Shiraz the same sales person who's having long pony hair noticed that am explaining the situation to Mr.Shiraz jumped into a conversation and again started speaking loudly and arrogantly with me. At one point i felt like this is turning into worst , I simply approach to Mr. Shiraz and asked him"Is this a way to speak and treat to clients???" And told him "Mr. Shiraz will see you later ". And I left out of the store. Still am thinking how can it is a possible to run such big brand store which is having an arrogant and poor manners staff.?????? .