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 Refusal to give me bill and quality problem in trolley bag, 02-18-2018 09:59AM

By: Sangi

I purchased trolley bag from IBN battuta mall Dubai in Nov 2017, in a week the handle tore off ,we took it bag and it took them two months to fix this problem , I purchased the bag on credit not,they refused to give me a bill on credit note , ever since
I purchased the bag it has been with me ONLY FOR ONE WEEK AND IT IS SITTING WITH STAFF OF THE STORE, who are rude , don't know how to solve any problem. The Area manager we
Called for help and he too was extremely rude and refused to solve a simple problem like a bill, I am not sure of the quality of their bags, in one week the leather tears apart and on top of that rude behaviour by manager and area manager.
Such a big brand and so unprofessional! I am shocked.
This gives a very bad name to the brand . Surely rude managers and quality problems will ruin the brand one day. It should be addressed and sorted. I buy all my suits from there,but, the staff and quality issues are making me switch to other brands, this is how companies get wiped out. Wake up !!