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 Worst Photo Shop Staff!!!, 06-01-2017 02:57PM

By: Joyce N

Your MOE branch has the worst staff of all time. If you look at the reviews on their Facebook page it'll tell you the same. We were there yesterday and the cashier greeted us with a "Yesss???" as if she's wondering what are we doing there. She told us to go to the studio to wait. We hesitantly have to call their attention to take our photo, afraid that we might cause a disturbance to them... Who the heck trained these people??? While making the payment i was politely giving my feedback to the cashier regarding their amazing skills and she gave a million dollar response: "we apologize, we just have a lot of things to do", when the fact is, while waiting for the photographer to approach us, they were actually having a deep and thorough conversation about a recently purchased Samsung mobile phone ... I ended up cancelling everything. Went down to Fotofun at the ground floor and everything went well.