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Our mission is to provide an outstanding lingerie presentation in a world class environment. La Senza provides customers with outstanding personal service, while combining quality, fit and value. The merchandise continues to satisfy two areas of consumer needs: firstly, La Senza strives to become the destination specialty lingerie store for all consumers and secondly, to provide a constant range of merchandise relevant to the gift purchaser.

Since the first store opening in 1990, La Senza has maintained a focused vision of excellence. The La Senza brand name has become synonymous with high quality, affordability and elegance, and La Senza takes pride in dedicating itself to its customers and merchandise.

As Canada’s premier lingerie retailer, La Senza owns and operates over 300 stores throughout Canada, and a further 300 stores in 30 more countries around the world.

La Senza offers women a unique shopping experience with outstanding lingerie presentation in a beautiful and intimate environment, featuring everything from bras & panties, to sleepwear, loungewear, bodycare, and accessories.

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 Miss, 11-01-2015 12:38AM

By: jeena

I came to La senza store in sahara mall and the the sales lady are disrespectful and impolite. I always buy lingerie in la senza and this is the only time i didnt buy coz i didnt like the designs. and as i went out the store, the sales lady said something bad behind me and i understood and heard it well. it is not proper to treat customers bad and to say something bad behind customers if the customers didnt buy anything from the store. you have to respect it. The sales lady(filipina) needs to have her good manners and right conduct. if this happens again, i will report it to your manager.