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Emax, the electronic arm of the Landmark Group, was launched in 2005.

Emax retails over 100,000 products and more than 300 top class brands across 17 categories.

Customers can find widest spectrum of products ranging from audio, video, appliances, mobile phones, photography, gaming, IT, CD/DVD, lighting, fitness equipment, toys, personal-care and all related accessories.

Year-long deals, wrapped in a range of value services, have made Emax the favorite electronics destination of consumers.

Emax is a vertically integrated full service electronics company. It already has established presence in;

  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Service Centers
  • Projects and
  • Exports

At present Emax has 11 stores including three big boxes across the Middle East.

The stores range from 35,000 to 135,000 sq. ft. (in both mall and stand alone Big Box formats) with the widest range of electronics, accessories and related services.The essence of Emax is embodied in its stores, including the 135,000 sq. ft. Big Box at Sharjah, which is the largest electronic store in the Middle East. Emax has recently launched its flagship store atthe Oasis Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the busiest artery of Dubai. The store is spread across 115,000 sq. ft and is the Largest Electronic Store in Dubai.

The vision of Emax is to dominate electronic retailing in the Middle East with its plan of 33 stores covering a total retail area of 2.2 million sq. ft. by the year 2010. Emax also has mid-term plans to take its concept to the rapidly growing markets of India and China.

General Company Info
Established: 2005

Head Office Physical Address
Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1
Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone:+971 (4) 809-5700

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 bad place to shop, 10-31-2015 10:05PM

By: angry customer

Th worst place you can by from. Sales are big layers working for benefit of bad products to take commissions. front desk are setting to anger customer and it looks they are happy with seeing customers angry
I'll never buy any thing from this place again.

E Max Cheater, 07-03-2012 06:33AM

By: Anonymous

BIG CHEATER COMPANY Selling Fake chinese phones, fooling expats who go out of country after spending little time so they cant come back to complain. Very bad customer service also. All cheaters. Dont buy ANYTHING from them. Please.